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King Devol of ClubsKing Devol of Clubs


King Devol is a hopeless gambler. Just like his counterpart, Bro. Kepplinger, he was also named after a real-life gambler and card cheat. King Devol got his name after the infamous Mississippi riverboat gambler, George Devol. And just like Bro. Kepplinger, his character is the complete opposite of the true-life character he was named after. Again, we used the names of true-life gamblers but all of our characters cannot be winners.

King Devol has a dark cloud looming over his head. His mere presence brings bad luck to other people around him. When he orders a toast, the toaster breaks; when he gets into a cab, the car gets a flat tire; when he climbs onto a horse, the horse breaks a leg... and they won't even let him get near a plane.

King Devol will fall for the oldest tricks in the book, time after time, just to see what will happen. He doesn't care about losing because he has access to unlimited funds - he is a king, after all. When he plays poker, his idea of bluffing is to fold the winning hand, or to call a monster raise with a junk hand and let the other guy take down the pot. In blackjack he will double down on every natural, which he calls "soft eleven", and split all pairs, including all pairs of 10s (which are already totals of 20) in the attempt to maximize his stakes.

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