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Brother HoyleBrother Hoyle of Hearts


Brother Hoyle is ultra sensitive, emotionally unstable and suicidal. When he gambles, he does it as a means of self-destruction. His favorite game is Russian Roulette, the ultimate gambling game at which he is the unbeatable champion because he is already dead. But Bro. Hoyle doesn't like to play Russian Roulette because he always wins, he plays it because he is suicidal. When Bro. Hoyle plays any other game, he always loses. He is always so miserable that his mere presence brings bad luck, so the casino uses him as a bad luck charm to turn any lucky customers into losers.


The name Hoyle requires very little explanation. Hoyle was an Englishman who started compiling rules of card games into pamphlets, and eventually into books. Nowadays the name Hoyle is anonymous with rules of card games, "According to Hoyle," as one would say, when referring to proper rules of card games.

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