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Brother Jack The RiverBrother "Jack The River" of Clubs


Brother Jack The River is a lot like his master Bro. Kepplinger. He is a pathetic gambler, a total sucker, and a natural born loser. However, he is blessed with one talent. In poker, he always seems to catch the winning hand, on the river, no matter what kind of hand he is playing. If there is one thing that poker players can't stand, it's a bad player that keeps playing a junk hand until he gets lucky on the river. This is precisely the kind of poker player that Jack the River is.


Jack the River got his name after the popular serial killer Jack the Ripper. Duh! For those who need an explanation of this obvious play on words, this comic may prove to be too mentally challenging.

Due to the recent booming popularity of poker, thanks to the televised World Series of Poker, the poker world has been flooded with suckers such as Jack the River. This cartoon character is dedicated to all these suckers, rookies and amateur that call themselves poker players.

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