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Brother KepplingerBrother Kepplinger of Clubs


Back in the day he used to be a deadly cardsharp, but now Bro. Kepplinger is your typical sucker. He is a compulsive gambler. He is unreliable, superstitious and naïve. He goes through winning streaks and loosing streaks. His weakness is stability. He always blows away all the money that the other monks win (sometimes he wins and later blows all away; always tries to justify lost money, as in "their money"). His favorite games are (all games of chance): slots, roulette, baccarat, wheel of fortune, chuck a luck … He blows money on lap dances. He is more of a vulgar guy; comic relief. Bro. Kepplinger doesn't believe in math, odds and statistical fluctuations; he relies solely on hunches, instincts and intuitions. He can only stop gambling once all the money is gone. This is the secret of his financial success.


Kepplinger was the name of a infamous real-life card cheat who lived in the 19th century, in San Francisco. Some may find it somewhat misleading that the character of Bro. Kepplinger is a total sucker, since the real P.J. Kepplinger, a.k.a. "The Lucky Dutchman", was the total opposite. This is not in any way meant to make fun of the real Mr. Kepplinger. We simply named this character after the famous card sharp to have a historic reference to a real gambler.

However, our character does have one characteristic in common with P.J. Kepplinger. Neither one of them seem to be able to stop gambling. Except, Brother Kepplinger is forced to stop once all his money is gone, while P.J. Kepplinger was known to stop once all the opponents lost all their money to him. Big difference!

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