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King Lupino of DiamondsKing Lupino of Diamonds


King Lupino of Diamonds is a kleptomaniac. He was named after the infamous French gentleman-thief ArsÚne Lupin. We didn't add the "o", at the end of his name, to make it sound more Italian, but rather to make it easier to pronounce for all non-French speakers who may have trouble pronouncing French nasal sounds, such as "in" or "on". It should also be noted that King Lupino is in no way related to the famous photographer Stephan Lupino; any similarities to him are purely coincidental.

King Lupino is "the man with the nerves of steal". He is known as the King or Thieves. He can't go through a department store without boosting something on his way out. He owns thousands of sets of plates and silverware from different restaurants, towels from different hotels, and watches that were once worn on other people's wrists. Even his crown once used to be on display at the Louvre, until the day it mysteriously disappeared.

You better watch out! King Lupino has fast hands. They don't call him the "King of Diamonds" for nothing. You will see him around jewelry stores and wherever money changes hands, such as gambling casinos.

King Lupino doesn't really like to gamble, he just does it to take advantage of an opportunity where money is loose. When he plays poker he may not get the winning hands, but he will sure get the money.

Should you ever have the honor of shaking hands with King Lupino, you would be well advised to check your wallet.

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