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Brother PinkBrother Pink of Diamonds


No, he is not gay. His name is Bro. Pink because his character is loosely based on a real-life card cheat, who is also one of the two creators of Casinoville, and who in real life adopted the name Mr. Pink, from the popular film Reservoir Dogs. And, by the way, neither Mr. Pink (the author), nor Mr. Pink the character from the film, not Steve Buscemi (who played the role of Mr. Pink in the movie) are gay. And we already told you that Bro. Pink is not gay, either. And neither is the Pink Panther.

Now that you know what he is not, it's time that you learn what he is.

Bro. Pink is a card mechanic; master of sleight-of-hand; a con man. Favorite games are: 3-card monte, poker, blackjack, … he deals from the bottom of the deck…etc. He is always setting up scams in the casino(s) and outside of casinos. He never puts any money on a bet that he doesn't know for sure will end up winning. He spends his time at the gambling tables, you see him place the best, you see him win, you see him lose, but he is never actually gambling. When he wins a bet it is always a big one and it is never the result of luck; when he loses a bet it is always a small one, and it is always a calculated thing. To him losing a bet is like putting a bait into the water: he never actually intends to feed the fish. He always gets away without paying for things, he has many connections, he always tricks people into giving him things for free. He uses people. He is a snake-oil salesman.


As we already mentioned, this character is loosely based on the real-life card cheat who adopted the name Mr. Pink. However, he is also loosely based on the fictional Mr. Pink, from Reservoir Dogs mostly because of his attitude towards tipping.

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