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Brother RakeoffBrother Rakeoff of Spades


Bro. Rakeoff is calculating and cunning. He is nobody's fool, and certainly not one of the suckers in our stories. He relies on statistics and math; one of his favorite games is blackjack. He is a card counter. He is tough to beat and wins a lot. He is a tough character but he still has one weakness: he doesn't have any faith.

Bro. Rakeoff doesn't believe in luck and he is definitelly not superstitious. He has no respect for reckless and compulsive gamblers and has no patience for stupidity. In his mind such people are good just for one thing: at the end of the day they bring the money to the right place, i.e. into Bro. Rakeoff's pocket.

All these characteristics make him the perfect candidate for the person in charge. Although all the chief monks rank equally in terms rank (like the four aces in a deck of cards), Bro. Rakeoff could, metaphorically speaking, be viewed as a permanent trump wearing the suit of spades.

He is constantly spoonfeeding Bro. Hoyle and Bro. Kepplinger with specific instructions...


This character is loosely based on another fictional character, called Mr. Rakeoff, from a 19th century book, entitled How They Cheat You at Cards, as well as on a real-life card cheat who adopted the name Mr. Rakeoff to protect his real identity.

In real life, the real person who calls himself Mr. Rakeoff is a personal friend and partner at the card table of Mr. Pink, who is one of the two creators of the Casinoville projects, as well as the personality behind the character of Bro. Pink. In the Casinoville story, as well as in real life, Rakeoff and Pink work well together and their actions complement each other.

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