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Exit 13
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Exit 13 - Comic BookExit 13 was the title of an experimental comic anthology, self-published in 2003. The book is a collection of contributions from 10 internationally un-known comic book artists hoping to break into the scene. The title itself is arbitrary—especially since only ten people remained to complete it - but the theme ranged from religious and political commentary to cartoonishness and abstraction. Overall, the book received mediocre reviews, and only occasionally peeks out from a table at independent comicons.

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The Brotherhood of the Four Suits was Mr. Bunkle's contribution to the mix. It was also his first complete comic book (or work of any sort, for that matter). In his story, four godlike monks are in charge of the lesser known forces that hold the universe together. So when kids are making crooked trades of Pokemon-type cards in the playground, a monk has to intervene for the good of all creation. The monk's intrinsically human laziness eventually causes the whole system to collapse. The fact that the monks had hoods in the shape of the four card suits is, like the anthology's title, arbitrary.

One day in late 2005, Mr. Bunkle showed his work to Mr. Pink, in a last effort to promote a doomed dream, that was obviously not meant to be. The moment Mr. Pink saw the characters his eyes popped out of their sockets. It was Mr. Pink who saw fit to resurrect The Brotherhood of the Four Suits. As cards are his obsession, he gave function to what was a sketchy reference to cards and made the monks into spokespersons for the card industry. Together, Mr. Bunkle and Mr. Pink plan to take over the market and by hook and by crook obtain all the money in the world.


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