CASINOVILLE: web comic strip - crooked casino


The abbey at Casinovile is the home of 52 monks, each one representing a playing card from a deck of 52 cards. The chief monks are the four main characters dressed in robes that represent the four suits of playing cards. They are in charge of running a crooked gambling casino. These four monks are dead spirits. In fact, they don't even exist. What we see are just empty robes that move around, as if someone were inside.

Brother Rakeoff Brother Hoyle Brother Kepplinger Brother Pink
Bro. Rakeoff
of Spades
Bro. Hoyle
of Heats
Bro. Kepplinger
of Clubs
Bro. Pink
of Diamonds

Most stories will feature only the four chief monks, especially the short strips. However, there are other characters that make up a full deck of cards.

The court monks are the representatives of the 12 court cards from a deck of playing cards: Kings, Queens, and Jacks. Unlike our four chief monks, all the other characters are living human beings, which makes them just mere mortals.

King Marcus of Spades King Umberto of Hearts King Devol of Clubs King Lupino of Diamonds
King Marcus
of Spades
King Umberto of Hearts
aka The Suicide King
King Devol
of Clubs
King Lupino
of Diamonds
Queen Elizabeth
of Spades
Queen Teresa
of Hearts
Queen Magda
of Clubs
Queen Agnes
of Diamonds
Black Jack Dustin of Spades & Bro. Modiano of Hearts
aka The One-Eyed Jacks
Jack the River
of Clubs
Jack of Diamonds
aka J.D.

The rest of the monks are representatives of the 38 numbered playing cards from a deck. They are just doing their jobs in the casino, and apart from a few exceptions (such as the wild deuces) they are usually not featured characters.

10 of Spades 10 of Hearts 10 of Clubs 10 of Diamonds
9 of Spades 9 of Hearts 9 of Clubs 9 of Diamonds
8 of Spades 8 of Hearts 8 of Clubs 8 of Diamonds
7 of Spades 7 of Hearts 7 of Clubs 7 of Diamonds
6 of Spades 6 of Hearts 6 of Clubs 6 of Diamonds
5 of Spades 5 of Hearts 5 of Clubs 5 of Diamonds
4 of Spades 4 of Hearts 4 of Clubs 4 of Diamonds
3 of Spades 3 of Hearts 3 of Clubs 3 of Diamonds
Deuce of Spades Deuce of Hearts Deuce of Clubs Deuce of Diamonds


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