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Frequently Asked Questions


A: How can I send you some money?

Q: You can visit our swag shop and buy something. You can purchase advertising on this site. You can tell all your friends about this site. Or, if you don't want to bother with any of that, you can just send us a PayPal payment.


Q: I have a story idea for a comic strip. Would you publish it?

A: If it is a story idea featuring Casinoville cartoon characters, then we would consider using your idea for one of our future comic strips or animated films. Please feel free to use our online form to submit your idea.


Q: Why are Casinoville comics about gambling and cheating at cards?

A: Because one of the authors is a card mechanic and already runs a popular crooked gambling web site CARDSHARK Online. This site is just a humorous detention of that site.


Q: Do you sell marked cards?

A: We only sell whatever is listed in our online shop.


Q: Is cheating at cards illegal?

A: In most jurisdictions it may be illegal to gamble but there may not be any laws against cheating at cards. Every jurisdiction is different.


Q: Can we see you at any comic book conventions or animation festivals?

A: Yes, we do plan to go to comic book conventions or animation festivals.


Q: Can I buy original artwork that you use to produce Casinoville comic strips and animation?

A: Yes, please check our online shop for artwork on sale.



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