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CASINOVILLE: web comic strip - crooked casinoThe comic Casinoville is an original creation of Bunkle & Pink. However, the first incarnation of the four main characters form Casinoville appeared, in 2003, in an 11-page experimental comic, entitled The Brotherhood of the Four Suits: Cause and Defect, created by Mr. Bunkle. This story was published in a collective comic book, entitled Exit 13, which included works of 10 comic book artists.

The Brotherhood of the Four Suits was the story of an order of monks who effectively control the fate of the planet. The story was fun to read but it was much experimental in nature. In late 2005 Mr. Bunkle showed his work to his friend Mr. Pink (these are not their real names -- duh! -- but since he wishes to remain anonymous, they will be the only names you will know them by). Mr. Pink was immediately impressed with Mr. Bunkle's monk characters and proposed to develop these characters further, into a project. Soon the two began brainstorming, started writing stories, redesigned the characters and developed their personalities, and eventually Casinoville was born.

In real life, Mr. Pink is a professional card mechanic with considerable artistic talents; his partner Mr. Bunkle is a commercial artist with absolutely no interest in gambling. In real life they are personal friends and they decided to create a cartoon story about four monks that are running a crooked gambling casino, for the purpose of collecting all the money in the world. Together they decided to call this project Casinoville and publish it on the web. This site is built as an extension of Mr. Pink's popular card-cheating web site CARDSHARK Online (which offers accurate information about crooked gambling, card cheating and other gambling scams).

Some of the other inspirations for this project were Dostoevsky's novel, The Gambler, and Umberto Eco's masterpiece, The Name of the Rose. Some of the monks in our cartoon represent real-life characters. Although some of the stories in our cartoons are loosely based on real-life anecdotes, most stories are pure fiction.

Currently this project is being developed into a feature-length animated film, called Casinoville the Movie. This animated film features the popular Casinoville characters perpetrating various gambling scams (from cheating at poker and blackjack, to running a Russian roulette tournament). Their mission, as always, is to collect all the money in the world, by cheating at cards and dice and running their crooked casino. The animated film does not have a release date, so please check our web site for updates.



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