CASINOVILLE: web comic - crooked casino




Casinoville, the movie, is an independent animated film featuring the popular Casinoville cartoon characters, from our web comic. The movie is currently in pre production and does not have a scheduled release date, as of yet. Other animated short films may be produced in the meantime, before the feature film comes out. Please check back for announcements and updates.


Plot synopsis:

Four monks are on a mission to collect all the money in the world, by cheating at cards and dice, and running a crooked casino, in the gambling town of Casinoville. An upcoming world gambling convention sends some of the monks out of town, to hit some of the high rollers. One of the monks will hit a high-stakes poker tournament, one will hit the blackjack tables with his card counting skills and one will take a shot at a Russian roulette tournament. The games are fixed and they all plan to walk away with winning, but can all their winnings make up for the guy with a gambling problem?


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