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Casinoville is a fictitious gambling town, loosely designed after Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau. It is the story of four monks, compulsive gamblers, who are trying to collect all the money in the world. Their mission is simple as a concept but impossible. However, to accomplish their goal they operate a crooked casino and cheat gamblers at poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and other casino games. Due to the fact that it is impossible to collect all the money in the world, even if one is running a crooked gambling operation, they never reach their goal. Meet our characters in a series of humorous stories where their compulsive gambling personalities are revealed.

Some of the characters in our stories were inspired by, or designed after, real people - mostly infamous gamblers, card cheats, casino owners, poker players and other historic personalities that were involved in the casino business or gambling in general. read our historic gambling personalities chapter for information.

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Casinoville cast of characters:

Bro. Rakeoff of Spades - the main Casinoville character, designed after the infamous card cheat Mr. Rakeoff
Bro. Pink of Diamonds - one of the main Casinoville characters, designed after Mr. Pink, the founder of CARDSHARK Online, which is the most prominent card cheating web site on the Net
Bro. Kepplinger of Clubs - designed after PJ Kepplinger, the infamous card shark that was the inventor of the Kepplinger holdout
Bro. Hoyle of Hearts - one of the four main Casinoville characters, named after Hoyle, the author of the Hoyle rule books of card games

King Marcus of Spades - a Casinoville character named after Richard Marcus, the author of many autobiographies about cheating casinos around the world
King Lupino of Diamonds
King Devol of Clubs - a Casinoville character named after George Devol, infamous 19th century gambler and card cheat on the Mississippi steamboats
King Umberto of Hearts

Queen Elizabeth of Spades
Queen Agnes of Diamonds
Queen Magda of Clubs
Queen Teresa of Hearts

The One-eyed Jacks - Casinoville characters named after the two cards in the deck
Jack The River of Clubs - a Casinoville character named after an actual sucker that was bad at losing at poker, except when he would catch the winning poker hand on the river
Jack of Diamonds

Historic gambling personalities:

Following is a list of historic personalities that we used as inspiration to design various Casinoville characters.

P.J. Kepplinger - the infamous card cheat known as the Lucky Dutchman is the inventor of the Kepplinger holdout machine
Canada Bill Jones - the infamous card shark that is credited with inventing the swindle three card monte
George Devol - the infamous Mississippi riverboat gambler and card cheat
Benny Binion - the legendary Las Vegas casino owner
Jack Binion - son of Benny Binion and manager of Binion's Horseshoe Casino
Ted Binion - son of Benny Binion and one of the founders of the World Series of Poker
Binion's Horseshoe Casino - the famous Downtown Las Vegas casino
World Series of Poker

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